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Selena Gomez Slams Fan Over Bullying Remarks On Instagram

Selena Gomez arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 The singer intervened after two fans clashed on the photo-sharing website, with one fan posting a photo of a picture of a scar on her left arm. Doug Peters/PA Wire/Press Association Images A second fan - with the username 'selinagomesfan' - wrote webpage in the photo's comments box: "Cut, cut, cut, cut!" The first fan initially wrote: "I just wanna die so all of this will end already. I feel so worthless. It's hard for me to ignore people." Gomez soon reached out to the first fan, while also telling the second to stop using her name as their handle. "This is ridiculous," http://www.leftfoot.fi/node/15206 she wrote. "@selinagomesfan my fans don't do this to others.
Full story: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a540807/selena-gomez-slams-fan-over-bullying-remarks-on-instagram.html

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