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Old Media Can Still Thrive, But Business Models Need To Adapt

Newspapers and magazines were hybrids, earning money from copy sales and ads. As the media market matured, the water muddied a bit. Paid channels like HBO came to Kim K tape the fore and increased TV fragmentation made it easier for films to garner ad revenue. their website The one constant has been that marketers have been more willing to pay for consumers than consumers have been willing to pay for content , so free models have dominated. Yet the free vs paid dichotomy is misleading, because neither represent a full model. To truly innovate your business model, you need to look at the full range of how you create, deliver and capture value .
Source http://www.forbes.com/sites/gregsatell/2014/01/10/old-media-can-still-thrive-but-business-models-need-to-adapt/

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