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Innotrac Announces Release Of Smarthub® Health & Beauty Special Report

Shipping Charges A majority of Health & Beauty retailers (57%) have free shipping. Historically, the average is 38% for the industry as visit homepage a whole. The one notable exception was the 2012 SmartHub Cyber Monday study in which 58% of orders had free shipping. 3. Order Packaging The orders in the special Health & Beauty study: Were 25% more likely to include external branding Were twice as likely to be placed in an inappropriate sized box Were nearly twice as likely to include packing materials Had a different mix of package types 4. Free Returns A majority of Health & Beauty retailers (55%) provided free returns. This is a stark contrast to the industry as a whole, where only 24% of orders had free returns. SmartHub benchmarking studies are published every 6-8 weeks. To download the full white paper, go to https://www.innotrac.com/news/whitepapers/smarthub-benchmarking-special-study-health-beauty-report/ About Innotrac Innotrac Corporation, founded in 1984 and based near Atlanta, Georgia, is a best-in-class commerce provider integrating digital technology, fulfillment, contact center and business intelligence solutions to support global brands. Innotrac's fulfillment, order management and contact center solutions are integrated with all major web platforms, and seamlessly integrate home page with any required partner technologies. The Company employs sophisticated order processing and warehouse management technology and operates eight fulfillment centers and one call center spanning all time zones across the continental United States. Innotrac Europe GmbH has a network of fulfillment centers, call centers, and returns processing facilities with operations in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.
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