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Bill Murray Says Ireland Is The ?most Beautiful Country To Play Golf In?

Join Bill Murray on reddit NOW and Ask Him ... Source: INPHO/Presseye/Jonathan Porter Murray with his caddy Keru Smyth at Royal Portrush. Source: Russell Pritchard / Presseye Murray has played on courses around Ireland, including Tralee Golf Club, which he said was: home the most beautiful golf course Ive ever played the sea and the light and the sky and the hills and the go to website fields. its just the prettiest one. Murray answered questions on a wide range of topics during the AMA, including one about what it was he whispered in Scarlett Johanssons ear at the end of Lost in Translation. His answer? You know? I forget.
More http://news.ie.msn.com/ireland/bill-murray-says-ireland-is-the-%e2%80%9cmost-beautiful-country-to-play-golf-in%e2%80%9d-1

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