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Khloe Kardashian's Harsh Instagram Message: Dissing Kim Kardashian? - Hollywood Life

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/5vuZ1qU.jpg' size='200px' alt='How you can Save FIFTY % On Your Fave Charm Brands & & Repay To Charity' design='float: left; padding:5 px' />) Holy moly, Khloe. Thats strong! The connection between Khloe and sister Kim hasn't been as strong lately as it has actually been in the past. The sis are simply living out different lives. Kim is gladly married with a child, while Khloe is picking up the items of her heart and moving on from her separation with French Montana, 29. The dramatization between both came to a head when the family members was vacationing in Thailand. Khloe intended to leave the getaway early and Kims response wasnt specifically encouraging. After Khloe teased her regarding taking a lot more selfies, the heat was on. Kim Kardashian: Quit Kicking Khloe Kardashian When ShesDown Kim proceeded to call Khloe a miserable person and dissed her post-divorce connection with French by saying she only wished to obtain the home of the FIFTY rappers youre dating. With that extreme episode ofKeeping Up With The Kardashiansairing on July 27, Khloe could possibly still be harming from Kims words and using her Instagram message as a way of mentioning to Kim shes not over it. Likewise, Khloes not dating FIFTY rappers, shes dating one and hes a quite unique person in Khloes life today.

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