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Kim Kardashian Had Butt Enhancement, Says Doctor; Kris Humphries On Ex-wife?s Nude Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian Kim has had enhancement for sure, Dr. Basil Pakeman, a cosmetic surgeon, reportedly said. The doctor added that he could confirm that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians star got a fake backside because he had noticed a little dot near the top of her butt. Thats one of the incision points we use to inject fat during procedures, Pakeman, who performs Brazilian butt lifts at Manhattan Surgical Care said, according to the Daily News . Dr. Victoria Karlinsky, another cosmetic surgeon, reportedly said:She looks incredibly thin in the waist and has absolutely no body fat. I cant imagine anyone having enough body fat to create something like that, adding that, the Paper magazine images do not look real. Kardashians former husband Kris Humphries was also asked about her posing nude for the magazine. "I've always been a basketball-first kind of guy, and had a lot of success through everything.

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